OHM2013 – Spork

OHM 2013 spork finished_small

ohm2013_spork_processThere are so many workshops on the camp. Each one is interesting and exciting and you’d like to join each of them. One of the most surprising workshop topics you will find in the hardware hacking area. Today I watched how “sporks” are made. It’s a combination of a spoon and a fork in one piece. The left pictures show how a “spork” is produced.


BlinkenArea @ OHM2013

Here we are at the hacker camp in the Netherlands: OHM2013

You will find us not where we planned to be (area O) but you find us next to the tent T3. The location information on our wiki page is up-to-date and shows you where we are.


Like we always do: also this year we sell many different soldering kits and provide workshops for SMD soldering. Ths year we have something more colourful for you. Just visit us and find out what cool soldering kits there are!

bigBULB teaser

You might know the bulb (5x5cm). There will be a bigger version (20x20cm) soon.

bigBULB_empty_front bigBULB_empty_back

Besides being transparent, the big version will also have another feature the small version does not have…

MIPS I system in VHDL + C

Auf der SIGINT 2012 habe ich einen Vortrag über die BlinkenWall gehalten. Darin wird unter anderem das MIPS I System erwähnt, das ich geschrieben habe. Nach dem Vortrag wurde ich gefragt, ob ich dieses zu OpenSource mache. Ich habe “ja” gesagt und das nun auch getan:


At SIGINT 2012, I’ve given a talk about BlinkenWall and mentioned the MIPS I system I wrote. After the talk, I was asked if I will make the system OpenSource. I said “yes” and have done it: see link above.


Video: Eindrücke vom 28C3

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Thanks, Steve by Jonathan Mak

by Jonathan Mak

BlinkenArea ultimate Logo Board

A new small BlinkenArea project has been born: the BlinkenArea ultimate logo baord – or “bulb” for short. It is a small circuit board of 5x5cm showing the BlinkenArea logo with 42 LEDs. The orange LEDs display several animations using 16 brightness levels (gamma = 2.0).

The “bulb” will be on sale as a kit on Chaos Communication Camp 2011 for 10 Euro. Soldering support will be provided in exchange for a cool drink.

The Grex System


HAR: Donations Transferred

The BlinkenArea members did not only set their sights on developing and operating flashlights, but also on collecting money that is intended to flow into public welfare. Accordingly, visitors were able to get one of our nice construction sets, T-Shirts or buttons during HAR and to give some money for charity at the same time. Afterwards, the donations went to UNICEF (Education in Nepal) and FoeBuD e.V. in equal parts as already announced on Twitter. We wish to thank all contributors, that enabled us to support each organisation with 123 Euros!

UNICEF & FoeBuD e.V.


During What The Hack!, the BlinkenArea was encircled by construction lights. They were blinking all in a tumble, because they were not phased so far. Since HAR, the construction lights are operated by full flashlight support. The Chaos Construction Light Controller 32 (CCLC32) provides 32 outputs, which can be connected to construction lights, when those are rebuilt in a certain way. A serial interface can receive CCLC32 data from BlinkenOutput. Furthermore, a running light-function is integrated as well.

A scheme and a part list can be found on the CCLS32 page at our Wiki.