OHM2013: LEDs on fabric

Today I discovered another guy who does some very nice experiments with LEDs on fabrics. It’s Robert from partfusion.

Here are some of his projects:

He also uses conductive thread like I did for my BlinkenBag. He found a better solution for the eyelets that need to be fixed on each side of the LEDs to wrap the thread around it and fix the LED on the fabric. He used kind of jewelry pearls. He had the same problems that I experienced with conductive thread: high resistance, bad conductiveness at the mounting points. Robert fixed the knots with transparent nail polish! Also a really good idea. I used hot glue to prevent the knots from opening up.

Nice guy and nice work! We aready met him on previous events. Besides the fabric experiments he also develops LED displays by using similar technic like we do. Always a pleasure to chat with Robert and swap ideas on LED projects.

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