HAR: Arrived at de Paasheuvel

Travel to NL - in between a large traffic jam
Today, we arrived at HAR area between 2 and 3 am, although we planned to join HAR on sunday. Heavy traffic and our nice trailer allowed us to cover the distance to the Netherlands in about 13 hours. After that horrible awesome trip, we pitched our tents immediately and went to bed just before 6 am. Noise waked us up at 9.30 am and of course we were all pretty tired today, but take a deep breath of fresh air when waking up was great.

Nevertheless, we started to build up the BlinkenArea village. Yesterday, Stefan and his dad had already installed the new orange BlinkenArea tent. Hence, we got started unloading our nice trailer in the morning and set out the first projects, such as blueboxMini, Glider and TroiCade, during the day. In the evening, we went for a walk and wanted to buy some food in town. Unfortunately, the shop closed just before our arrival and we had to have a second try by car. The PoC recommended a nearby shop, where we could get everything. Thank you very much!

The sun was shining during the day, but in the meantime it started to rain. Hopefully, it will stop soon. Have a nice evening, everybody!

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